“You will not find a better coach and team builder than Terry Gurno! Terry’s passion to help others succeed is not only surprising, but contagious.”

-Tim Harris / Country Financial Agency Field

We are a group of individuals that believe…


It’s Individualistic Expression
We believe it starts within.
A recognition of one’s self.
A desire for better.
A commitment to personal ownership.

It’s a Passion
We believe that it extends beyond one’s self.
A need to guide others to find their greatness within
and own what’s theirs.


Its form is leading, the product is…

About Us

Terry is a co-founder and the CEO of Terry Gurno. Drawing from thirty years of experience as a youth ministries leader and CEO of a national real estate company, Terry understands first-hand the transformational impact that strong leadership, along with the commitment to develop it, can have on people’s lives. These experiences of leading others and drawing out their greatness were the catalyst that revealed his true purpose, and inspired Terry to create out organization to serve and help others achieve success in a more expansive level.

At terry Gurno, these principles are what guide everything we do and fuel our passion to help pothers live their best lives personally and professionally to build a winning culture. Our leadership development and training programs, coaching, keynote speaking engagements and assessment tools provide the clarity individuals, business leaders and teams need to identify their purpose and leverage their individual strengths. We help people create success strategies that allow them to focus on what matters most, own what’s theirs and win in work and life.

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