Monday Mindset:  Winning the week in work and life

Stop thinking and start doing!


“To be honest I was nervous and scared, but I decided it was time to quit ‘thinking about it’ and do it”.

Terry Gurno



It’s hard to believe, but four years ago, I started writing Monday Mindset.  This picture above is from a Facebook post.

To be honest, it really wasn’t about writing a blog as much as it was learning to write.  You see, I’d thought about writing a book for about 25 years, but that’s all it was, “thinking about it”, “wanting to”.   Growing up with learning disabilities and being told I was “stupid” and “dumb” created the mindset that I couldn’t write.  So, I didn’t.


Like most of us are doing right now, in December 2013 I was making goals for 2014. One of them was to write my book.   To be honest I was nervous and scared, but I decided it was time to quit thinking about it and do it.  That’s what inspired Monday Mindset.


Once I made the decision I posted it on Facebook.

To be honest, the reason I did this was I knew it would hold me accountable. Yep, I told the world that every Monday I would send out and post Monday Mindset. The pressure was on and it’s what I needed. Did you know that if you share your goal/commitment to someone your chances of achieving it increase by 65%?  That’s huge!


If you know me, you know I’m a verbal communicator and story teller.  I’m very comfortable speaking to any size audience.  I’m also very uncomfortable writing.  In fact, at times, I’ve broken out in a sweat pacing just knowing I had to write something.


It’s been 4 years and I’ve written over 200 blogs. More importantly I wrote and published my first book.  Just 3 years after deciding I was going to stop thinking and start doing I became an author. It was a dream that at one point I thought was impossible.


As you’re finalizing your goals for 2018, what have you been thinking about for a long time and for whatever reason just haven’t done?

What came to your mind when you read that just now?  Most of us have at least one or two things that we keep thinking about, but don’t do much or anything to make it happen.


Take one step!

One year from now, what would you like to say, “I did it” to?  ______________________ (Fill in the Blank).  Whether it’s a personal goal, business or career it can happen, but you have to make it happen.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  I would love to know what it is and how I can support you in 2018.


Now who can you share that with?

It could be a close friend or family member. It might even be to the world, or your friends on social media.  The important thing is to share it.  If it doesn’t scare you, it might not be that thing you’ve thought about for so long, so keep writing till you’re scared. If it does then that’s a good sign, you’re right on track.


Next Week

In January of 2018 I’m going to launch my first group coaching session.  If you’ve had the best intentions, only to disappoint yourself over and over this could be for you.  If you’ve quit dreaming this could be for you.  If you’re stuck this could be for you.  If you know what you want but you’re not doing anything about it, this could be for you.


Next week I’ll share more on the upcoming group coaching session.  I’m really excited about it and know it’s going to help some of you achieve what you’ve given up on.  There’s only room for 10 people and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

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