“Whatever your fears are, there’s hope. Capable people CAN replace you and create the leverage you need so you can focus on where your life and business need to go.” Terry Gurno


The last few months I’ve talked to several business owners that want to succeed through their team. They all find this challenging.  The truth is there are fears we all have when it comes to hiring someone to take over something we’ve been doing and care a lot about.


Fear of losing control:  Whether you acknowledge it or not, this is real and it gets in the way of everything; you, your employee, the job and ultimately the customer.


Fear it won’t get done:   It’s hard to give something away when you don’t think it will get done.  It’s now someone else’s responsibility.  You’re not there to see it getting done, so it feels like it’s not getting done.


Fear it won’t be done right:   Few people will care about your business like you.  That’s just the way it is.  From the level of care and urgency to getting things done efficiently (saving your money) and exceeding expectations in quality and service (create repeat and new business), no one cares like you.


I’m curious, what other fears do you struggle with when it comes to letting go(Please comment in the comment section)

Whatever your fears are, there’s hope. You can recruit, can have capable people replace you, and create the leverage you need so you can focus on where your life and business need to go.


Here’s what you CAN do:

Recognize where you are and where you want to be:
If you are afraid – OWN IT.  Then get clarity on what your fears really are.   If that’s where you are, then where do you want to be?  Get as much clarity as you can.  Focus on the positive.  For example: From fear to peace.  From worrying about my business all the time to having confidence in the team to get things done and be more present with my family, friends, and doing the things that are important to me.


Ask questions:
What do I need to be able to have that?” If the fear is losing control, we must ask the question(s):
“What do I need to focus on, so I can step away and feel confident that things will not just maintain, but get better?”
“What does control look like moving forward?”
“What would need to happen for you to be able to let go and focus on building your life and business?”

As you answer these questions you’ll know what you need to have, know and do to remove or significantly reduce the fear.


Create a plan:
Based on your answers what do you need to know, have and do?
What’s first?
What’s next?
What else?

These are great questions to guide you down this path.  When you’re done you should have clarity so that “If I do this I’ll get that”.  If I do this I’ll have peace instead of fear.  If I do this I’ll worry about my business less and enjoy my life more.


Don’t let fear prevent you from building the life and business you really want to have.


As you work through this process I’d love to hear about what’s happening.  Please comment here or email me at terry@terrygurno.com.

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