Drawing the Greatness out of Those You Lead

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Let’s face it, people are different in the way they think, communicate, relate to others, process information, and respond to challenges. These differences are what make leading more art than science. Leading is Art will reveal the shift in mindset that will empower you to leverage this uniqueness to draw the greatness out of your team. Learn from top performers how this shift in mindset helped them think differently about the people they lead, and allowed them to effectively position their teams to achieve success and build a winning culture.

“Terry Gurno strategically partners with you to serve the greater good, to help you find your purpose and achieve your goals.”

-Katherine Morgan
President & CEO at Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

“When we found ourselves struggling, Terry Gurno’s guidance brought us back to our organization’s mission and vision, helping us to focus on what matters most.”

-Dustin K Worth, DO
Moscow, ID

“Terry Gurno leaves a lasting impression of respect, positivity, and hope for all.”

-Katherine Morgan
President & CEO at Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

“Terry’s story of passion and leadership – both in life and work – brought tears to my eyes, and many others around me.”

-Ann Thomas
Vice President/Ironwood Branch Manager
Mountain West Bank

Book by Terry Gurno

Leading is Art

Drawing the GREATNESS out of those you lead

What makes leading more art than science? In Terry’s first book, “Leading is Art”, he will uncover the shift in mindset that will empower you to grow as a leader and recapture your time and energy without sacrificing results.


The Art of Leading

How to Draw the Greatness out of Those You Lead

From recognizing and recruiting talent to bringing focus and clarity to those you lead, learn the 5 basic habits that exceptional leaders have in common.

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